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Am I Alive?

Just take a moment and check if you are alive. It’s pretty simple. Place your hands below your nostrils and observe if you are breathing. Well congrats you are alive. A new born kid smiles 400 times day while a well grown adult smiles only 17 times a day and maybe even less OR not at all. As we grew up , we have got so much work to do and have got only 24 hours to manage everything. This not only takes our smile and happiness but also introduces an inevitable element in the system known as STRESS.

When “STRESS”¬†pops in , it comes with some of the following surprises :-

Symptoms of stress
Symptoms of stress

But there's some good news

Eliminate stress and unblock the greatest you

We are all looking to succeed in life , but rarely do we look at how to increase our capacity. Neither at home nor at school have we learned how to deal with stress, manage our emotions, or tap into our full potential.

During this workshop (happiness program), we will experience a short glimpse of that potential through the practice of powerful breathing exercises and meditation, we will also learn some practical knowledge that helps transform this untapped energy source into success in our career.

You will leave with powerful take away home techniques and ideas as well as an invitation to a world renowned course in stress relief through breath.