Art Of Living Happiness Program

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The Science of breath

The core of Art Of Living Happiness Program is a series of breathing techniques including Sudarshan Kriya. This technique reduces stress and raise your energy levels , making your mind more focused , relaxed and positive.

Mastering the mind

Understanding the tendancies the mind gives you a more broader point of view on life that empowers you not  to get troubled  by issues that used to make you more worried, impateient , stressed and more

Guided yoga and meditation

  • ¬†Learn easy yoga postures you can inculcate into your daily routine for better health, focus and relaxation.
  • ¬†Enjoy unique guided meditations and get a taste of beauty within.
Sudarshan kriya results
Sudarshan Kriya reults

Click on the link below for detailed research on the effects of Sudarshan Kriya