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Every Saturday 4 - 6 pm
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We want our children to be successful and be known as good leaders. Apart from formal education at school, a strong value system will lay the foundation for their future. Children absorbs value from family and society.

Values and traditions were easily passed down to us by elders in a joint family. But today in nuclear families with working parents, children have little oppurtunity to learn and imbibe our rich heritage. As a result, they tend to disconnect from us and other elders. Moreover their attitude is heavily influenced by television etc.

In today’s fast changing environment, Sri Sri Sanskara Kendra nurtures children to back in touch with our value system and develop into better human beings. This is the need of today’s parents, society and the nation.

What are Sri Sri Sanskar Kendra?

Understanding this need,  Art Of Living has opened Sri Sri Sanskar Kendra for blossoming of children, inculcating values and traditions for their all-round development.

Who can join Sri Sri Sanskar Kendra and where?

Children between the age of 7 and 11 years,  in groups of 15 and 25 can benefit from their neighborhood Sri Sri Sanskar Kendra

Following is the link to our location

Address – 200 DDA Site 1 New Rajinder Nagar

For more info contact  –   +919582285345 

What is taught?

Once a week, children participate in a 2 hour interactive and playful session. Spirit of enquiry is kindled and they imbibe values of compassion, co – operation , friendliness , smile, laughter, belongingness, caring for others etc. Each session consists of

  • Shlokas and dohas which bring to us the deep stories or meaning hidden behind their simple verses.
  • Inspirational stories of freedom fighters, saints, great men and women which inculcate the values lived by them.
  • Yoga postures or Asanas to improve mind – body coordination and strengthen the body.
  • Wonders. Wonderful explanations make us  wonder how even the most basic things in life have such beautiful meanings, that make such a big difference to our lives.
  • Anecdotes by teachers provide an insight into life and it serves to bridge the gap between older and the younger generations.
  • Dadi Ma ke Nuskhe bring the wealth of simple, useful home remedies, so that dependency on medicines is reduced.
  • Games and many other activities make learning fun!
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